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Explore: an endowment fund to encourage positive initiatives for mankind and the planet

Roland Jourdain and Sophie Vercelletto, his co-managing partner at Kaïros – an ocean racing team founded in 2007 – decided in 2009 to set up a consulting firm specialized in bio-composites in order to become players in the environmental transition as business leaders.

Frequently solicited by explorers in search of advice and logistical means, they decided in 2013 to found Explore. Their objective: to support all those who, like them, are seeking to develop real solutions to engage our society in a new model where man and nature have their place. .

Roland Jourdain, committed ocean racer

“I’ve been sailing around the globe for nearly thirty years, and if ocean racing has revealed to me the beauties of nature and the ocean, it has also shown me its fragilities. A changing climate, the scarcity of resources, pollution of all kinds… Our planet is going badly while our activities and the development of our society are directly linked to issues of preservation of our environment. All of this puts into perspective the role that each of us has to play, individually and collectively, to take action.
Explore was created seven years ago to focus on those who “don’t think alike”, who have a vision, a passionate desire to move the lines, and who demonstrate this by proof. Explore is a landmark of “doers” and not “sayers”. By practicing open-source and dissemination to the greatest number, they are part of the perspective and the search for intelligent and virtuous collaboration between humans. A simple thing that we tend to forget, which is an integral part of the ecosystem’s balance and the nature to which we belong.
Seen through the classic prism, the cleaver falls easily. Not profitable. No business model. Sympathetic utopia… maybe… or maybe not. For how can we explain that the Explore hive is overflowing with more and more energies, with people who are either highly qualified or not at all, and who come from various backgrounds? These people share the same simple observation: there are more and more of us on a planet with dwindling resources. One problem, but thousands of possible solutions. Local and shared, duplicable, improved by collective intelligence, and taking everyone onto account. Changing our outlook leads us to modify our actions, from the most trivial to the most significant. New explorers help to open our eyes to new possibilities. They show us that there are other ways. Then let’s follow them.»

Double winner of the Route du Rhum in 2006 and 2010, Roland Jourdain has been sailing since the age of 19. His experience of the sea very quickly brought him face to face with the issues related to the preservation of our planet: “The ocean is a bit like the carpet that we lift to hide the dust” he likes to remind us. But for “Bilou”, there is no point in kidding ourselves: it is urgent to change our way of life to preserve the riches of the earth and continue the human adventure in a positive dynamic.

During the Vendée Globe in 2009, when he had just rounded Cape Horn in second place, his boat hit a sea mammal. The hull is damaged and the race compromised, but here’s what the skipper says: “I can’t blame a whale; it’s on its territory. His whole philosophy is there: Man must learn to work with nature and not against it; otherwise he runs the risk of losing it.

Our commitments

Explore to
how the planet works to better preserve it.

Explore to
to provide solutions that reduce man’s impact on nature.

Explore to
of current environmental and human issues so that as many people as possible become actors of change.

Our Missions

Supporting explorations projects

Explore is an incubator of a new kind, supporting project leaders by giving them the means to carry out their expeditions and realize their ideas for the future in order to understand and preserve our planet.

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Raising awareness and spreading solutions

Explore aims to raise awareness and encourage actions. The commitment of the explorer teams and the solutions they develop must be communicated, encouraged, and multiplied. Explore regularly meet students and organize public events to publicize all these actions on a large audience.

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Bring companies together and build with them tomorrow’s innovation

Entrepreneurs need to be inspired to build the future world. Explore shares with them the experience and the success of the new explorers. The latter create and innovate differently, and they put humans and the preservation of the environment at the heart of their process.

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to build a new model where Humankind and Nature have their full place.


to show the ability of everyone to change their practices.


experiment and encourage new development models.


to find the right solutions and to make change part of a global approach.

Explore Base

Explore is located in Concarneau (France, Brittany), hosted in the premises of the company Kaïros. The Explore base is a real ecosystem, bringing together a wide variety of people who work together and collaborate: explorers, sailing sports project teams, biomaterials design office, business incubators, etc.


The Explore Endowment Fund is a non-profit structure recognized as being in the public interest. Its head office is located at 1, rue des Senneurs in Concarneau. It is entitled to receive donations and legacies, in accordance with the law of 4 August 2008 governing endowment funds. Donations received benefit, in France, from the tax deduction system applicable to patronage. Explore’s annual financial statements are published at the end of each year, together with an activity report. The governance of the Endowment Fund is ensured by a Board of Directors which deliberates on strategic orientations and supervises the operation of the Fund. The Fund team ensures operational management, monitors the actions, and projects selected and coordinates relations with partners.